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    HOTER® Men's Dual Compression Fit Sports Shorts, Black

    $9.99 (USD) $18.99 (USD)
  • Vendor: HÖTER
  • SKU: JSY-1018
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    Product Features:
    FAT BURNING ASSISTANT - Shaping your chest; waist and stomach; it is designed for men and women.When you gym or siwm;it not roll up and it stay in place pretty; And it is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of Gynecomastia or "man boobs"; It helps with back support and posture; It has been visually being losing belly or chest fata and it does flatten the breast and stomach; Breathable for improving blood circulation and fat burning
    and strongly chest shaping
    INSTANTLY LOOK POUNDS LIGHTER - We understand the anxiety some men experience who suffer from these conditions; Our compression shirts for men are specifically designed with these men's self-esteem in mind; The comfort yet practical design of our undershirts provide immediate slimming effect while wearing it underneath all types of clothing.Get your self-esteem back
    REVOLUTIONARY SLIMMING UNDERGARMENT - High quality nylon to stay shaper; Made for wearing underneath any kind of clothing; such as workout shirts; t-shirts; sweaters and formal dress shirts; The slimming compression is a secret between you and your garment. Get your self-esteem back; A chest flattening breakthrough; This is an excellent Gynecomastia or "man boobs" compression shirt for the man who wants to enjoy a healthy looking figure without the need for surgery or medications
    HOTER MENS SLIM- HOTER SLIMING BODY SHAPER; RANK #2 in Top 10 Body Shapters 2016; which could be search on Youtube; will continue to treat our customers with heart and soul; Please search ‘HOTER MENS SLIM’ or ‘HOTER SLIM WORKOUT’ on youtube for more bodybuilding information; Wearing our shaper vest/T-Shirt with a healthy diet and doing excercise as suggested and you will have a better body figure; VLDA is our HOTER signed model
    any pictures Infringement will be pursued legal responsibilities

    Measurements Information (inch/pound):

    M: 4"11 to 6"11 inches, 90 to 165 pounds

    L: 4"11 to 6"11 inches, 165 to 210 pounds



    All the great things you've heard about H:oter, is now available in men's wear! This physique-improving, game-changing, seaming undershirt is designed with cooling features and compression zones that transforms the torso and chest. You'll look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger in your clothes.

    Made for men, the heavy gauge microfiber H:oter spandex knit is cut to match the contours of your body and stretches with you in all directions while providing elegant support and firm hold in the lower abdomen, the pelvic region, the buttocks and your tight muscles. Made to be comfortable all day long, and provide you with better circulation and comforting relief from injuries related to the lower back, quadriceps, groin muscles, and pulled hamstrings. Lined with cotton to absorb perspiration. Pouch crotch design for perfect fit.


    H:oter brand is owned by Onbene Inc in US and our US registered serial number is 86083554. Our mission is to offer our customer the most fashion and hot products with better quality and lower price. Please do not sell in any of H:oter brand link if you are not an authorized seller. That is a infringement of trademark law and violation of Amazon Selling Policy.



    REVIEWS (3)


    by ADRIAN on January 14, 2017
    Very Good!

    Price is low, Customer service good, Shipment is fast. Nice seller

    by JESICA on January 14, 2017
    Nice Product!

    Price is low, Customer service good, Shipment is fast. Nice seller

    by ADAM on January 14, 2017
    Very Good!

    Price is low, Customer service good, Shipment is fast. Nice seller

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